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ECOWASTE GROUP has, since 2009, been committed to finding and utilising innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions regarding the problem of liquid waste and the disposal thereof. ECOWASTE GROUP assists restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens with a variety of professional cleaning services that include the disposal of liquid waste, the cleaning and servicing of kitchen filters, the cleaning and flushing out of domestic and industrial drains and the supply of certified organic cleaning materials.

We are committed to providing outstanding and professional services to our clients. We believe that your experience with EcoWaste and Fat Traps can be summarised by our belief that “Customer service isn’t a department, it’s a philosophy!”

This is achieved with our highly experienced, passionate and skilled team of individuals. Fat Traps and EcoWaste Group can remove and responsibly dispose of the contents of any fat or grease tanks utilising pioneering and environmentally-friendly solutions.

We are your fat, oil and grease trap cleaning specialist.

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  • We supply our clients with certification ensuring compliance with council rules and regulations as per Wastewater By-Law, Chapter 1, Section 3: Protection of Municipal Sewers

  • We remove and clean the entire content of the Grease / Fat Trap – of all sizes!

  • We utilize leading technology in the clearing out of the Grease / Fat Trap – our equipment is imported and ensures high volumes are removed.

  • Environmentally and hygienic responsible removal & disposal of waste.

  • Our prices are highly competitive.

  • Compliance to Municipal rules and regulations (refer to the Wastewater By-Law)


  • Clear sewerage lines

  • Fewer blockages

  • Elimination of foul odours

  • Improved cost management of maintenance budgets

  • A more hygienic environment – fewer vermin and insects

  • Keeping our environment clean, keeping our country green

  • Our staff comprises of highly trained individuals.

Our team comprises of
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