About Ecowaste

EcoWaste Group provides premium cleaning solutions to manage and prevent build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOGs).

Waste disposal is becoming an increasingly important topic in South Africa and the world, where the South African Government is now clamping down on those who contravene the Wastewater By-Law, Chapter 1, Section 3: Protection of Municipal Sewers.

EcoWaste Group guarantees more than just cleaning, but strives to maintain superior levels in service and customer satisfaction.

EcoWaste Group has a culture of pride in performance and integrity with a level of commitment that comes from employee satisfaction and commitment. We, at EcoWaste Group are dedicated to providing clients with value-focused services and results.

EcoWaste Group has earned a reputation for developing and using leading edge technology and concepts to solve the most challenging of situations. Coupled with commitment and hands-on management, our success can be seen through our ever growing customer satisfaction and customer base.

ECOWASTE GROUP is associated and trusted with South Africa’s leading restaurants, hotels, retail groups, medical institutions, schools, supermarkets, insurance companies, government sectors, food processing plants and corporate clients. We continue to proudly service a Greener South Africa, to ensure that we are Keeping it Clean, Keeping it Green.



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